I hate to say it, but the Chinese law journals in our collection have really boring titles. They’re almost all called “Law Journal” or “The Law Journal” or “Journal of Law.” My Chinese coworkers agree. Needless to say, I have no idea which of the law journals this ad came from, but I bet I can guess the title with at least 75% accuracy.

Macmillan textbooks and I go way back, all the way to my speeling book in 2nd grade. These days, the textbook division is merged with McGraw Hill, but Macmillan still publishes fiction, etc. I wonder what the China Edition textbooks included. History? Ha! Reminds me of a rare book display of early American documents with famous signatures that the Law Library set out for a delegation from China. Our oldest items were from the late 18th century. The Chinese delegation laughed a bit, and rightly so. Although, it’s probably safe to assume that these were legal textbooks… just less fun to contemplate. Whatever the China Edition covered, enjoy the ad.