I was (not) minding my own business on Twitter this morning, and noticed John Mayer (of CALI) talking about textbook rental via Kindle and Westlaw’s program. I tweeted back about my professors’ tendency towards creating their own course material to avoid the added fluff for an added price anti-value of Wexis. Then, John introduced me to the most awesome thing I can’t believe I’ve never heard of until now: the CALI Legal Education Commons.

LEC lets you upload material related to legal education (in an impressive array of formats), and share it with the world. So far, I see lots of presentations and multiple choice. My goal, to be completed in the next couple of weeks, is to pare down my outlines from school into useful-to-people-other-than-Meg information only, remove any potential copyright faux pas, and post them all on LEC. Right now, their Maryland coverage is non-existent. I am going to change that.

Bonus free law CALI coverage: the Free Law Reporter. I searched for my favorite of all Maryland cases, Sy-Lene of Washington v. Starwood Urban Retail (in which parking by employees of a lingerie store is discussed–brevity is the soul of wit, and ladies’ under things). Alas, the case is not there, but two cases that cite are available.

I’m so excited. Today has been a roller coaster of access to law emotion. First, I was totally bummed about AALL’s new antitrust policy, but now I am really happy for these new (to me, at least) free law resources. Plus, only a few more days until AALL. Whew.