Greetings, fair readers, from Buffalo Niagara International Airport! I’m coming to you courtesy of Boingo Wifi, or the $7.95 I spent to not lose my mind, or throw myself over the falls in a barrel, during this lengthy layover before my bus to Toronto. In theory, I should be able to get a lot done before I depart at 3pm. If I were at work today, 5.5 hours alone in my office would be totally unheard of. But, I’m more likely to blog here, shop for shoes, answer a few Ask A Librarian questions, and shop for shoes some more. (Public service announcement: extra 20% off sale items at Piperlime until tomorrow, EXTRA20.)

I’m en route to Toronto to attend the ABA annual meeting, inexplicably in Canada, since it’s the American Bar Association’s meeting. This is my last year of student ABA membership, meaning that this is the last year where registration was a pittance and all the CLE classes I can sit through will be free. I can’t imagine that there will be as much networking as there was at AALL, but I’m hoping to absorb a lot more, programming wise. This has been a big summer of getting the word out about myself–starting the blog, conferencing, stepping up the tweets, speaking at classes and such–but this should be the last hurrah for a little while.

Has all of this running around helped? Am I a more developed professional now in August than I was in May? I think the answer is yes. The exposure has been helpful, but I think my biggest take away from this summer-of-hustle is poise. It is no small feat to meet hundreds of people, not offend too many of them, and still have them think highly of you. I’m doing ok. But, for better or for worse, the sheer pace of meeting and greeting, and the whittling down to the core effect that pace has on the mind and body, has really shown me where I need to improve.

L’amelioration de la Lulu:

  • I want to be a better conversationalist. My “how about them Nationals” is fine, but I crave the skill of inserting light but purposeful conversation where small talk is expected. I think it’s partly an empathy thing, but also partly a timing and confidence thing.
  • Speaking of which, I want to be more confident in my professional position. I’ve yucked enough about how crappy it is/was to be a contractor. Time to move on and embrace the now, even if it’s only temporary for 120 days. No one needs to know that up front, and no one has ever asked me that. Why lead with it? I’ll make it my mantra: I am a reference librarian. I am a reference librarian. Ommmm.
  • While we’re making lists, I need to be a little more organized, or at least a little more planned out when it comes to professional development. My sage mentor was just talking to me about this yesterday. If I don’t schedule time for writing, or set out exactly which committees I want to volunteer for, etc., it won’t happen. It’s nice that I’ve gone and done all this, but it can’t be haphazard. I have a lot of baseball games to attend between now and next month–timing is everything.