Hello, dear readers. It’s been what, 56 years since I last posted? Many apologies for my absence. As you may recall, I moved from collection services into public services about a month ago. There were a couple of early posts, and then, nothing. No excuses, but a couple of explanations:

  • A fair percentage of my posts used to be pictures of things I found working with the collection. No working with the collection, no fun pictures.
  • This is not to say that fun things don’t happen at the desk, but they’re questions from patrons, and it’s unethical to put those sorts of things on a blog without patron permission.
  • Ok, ok, I’ve been cheating on my own blog with the official Law Library blog. Here’s a post I wrote about an awesome question I got on a trial surrounding the Cardiff Giant hoax.
  • Honestly, I’m a little bummed out.

Learning something new is always difficult, always trying, but I feel like my learning curve has slowed dramatically with this new position; I’m either not catching on to the intricacies of desk practice and procedure, or the non-standardization of it all is wearing me down. Collection services has a rule for everything: AACR2, MARC, RDA (soon to replace AACR2), whatever. Public services has more room for interpretation. I’m not having a hard time answering questions. Actually, the highlight of all this has been the chance to strut my substantive law knowledge. What I’m struggling with is who can borrow what, and when, where’s the stapler, what are all the passwords for various things, etc.

Am I being a stick in the mud, looking for specific methods and practices? Or am I feeling out an all-too-human desire for pattern and consistency?