I have waited until the day after International Talk Like a Pirate Day to be a wet blanket and blog about the fact that pirates are enemies of humanity, and yet so very desperate that getting into a stand off with a major world navy in an inflatable raft seems like an option.

Here is a static shot of the IMB’s Live Piracy Map for 2011:

I think it’s fair to say that a vast majority of those attacks, actual and attempted, are around the horn of Africa. What else is happening in the horn of Africa right now? Catastrophic famine:

map via reuters

My point is this: I guess Talk Like a Pirate Day is cute, but piracy is a for real problem, and the pirates themselves are in the most dire of dire straits. If you like to solve problems via Twitter, as I do, follow @SaveOurSeafarer and @IMB_Piracy for live tracking and legal updates regarding piracy. Follow @UNHCRSomalia, @USAID, @Daadab_Response and countless others for info and aid to victims of famine.