The text of an email waiting for me this morning:

“To UB Faculty and Staff:

As part of the ongoing effort to build the University of Baltimore and the UB School of Law, we have articulated a five-year budget commitment to support the law school’s future development.

This commitment targets a $5 million increase in the School of Law’s base operating budget over the next five years and includes the following principles:

  • The University will work to keep future law school tuition increases as small as possible.
  • The current operating budgets of UB’s other colleges, school and administrative units will not be reduced as a result of the law school budget understanding.
  • The University remains committed to implementing a multiyear faculty hiring plan and to investing in all of its colleges, schools and administrative units.

We would like to recognize the School of Law’s faculty budget committee, chaired by Professor Michael Meyerson, for its partnership in crafting the law school budget understanding. In addition, law student representative Paul Snyder assisted the process by sharing student input with the committee. The collaboration among the committee, students and senior leadership was rooted in an appreciation of the goals of both the School of Law and the University.

The UB School of Law is entering a transformative period–one marked by new leadership, a new home and a renewed dedication to meeting the challenges of 21st-century legal education. The school is well-positioned to build upon the considerable progress of the past decade, which has included faculty growth, increased student scholarships, and enhanced distinction in legal education.

We hope this work can inform the University’s ongoing budget discussions and lead to similar collaborations across the institution.

Robert L. Bogomolny, President

F. Michael Higginbotham, Interim Dean, School of Law”