This afternoon, I stopped by the CFC Book Sale at the Library and acquired Emily Post’s The Etiquette Advantage in Business: Personal Skills for Professional Success. I’m a sucker for an etiquette book or a style guide.

A bit of interesting advice on how to fully use your business card (which may be summarized: use it as a calling card, but here we go):

  • Write a personal note about how or where you met the person to whom you’re presenting the card
  • Write in times you’re available to meet or take a call
  • Include an extra means of contact, if the occasion requires a personal touch

I’m not about to start handing out my lovely, handmade business cards to patrons, but all this has given me an idea: why not send them away with a short summary of what we discussed at the desk? A little scrap piece of paper that includes:

  • Resources we discussed, and where they are available
  • Next steps towards their research goal
  • Other, non-LC resources that may be helpful
  • Any keywords or legal terms of art that will help with future searches
  • My name and contact info (when appropriate)

Is anyone doing this at their desk right now? I’d love to see an example.