I had a crazy idea the other day about leaving folks with little reference guides, tracking our time together, offering resources to check out at home, etc. That seemed nice, right? It’s my first desk shift since the naissance d’idee, and here’s how it’s going:

  • First patron had a massive, multi-part federal legislative history question that involved 4-5 resources, both in print and online, over a ~50 year time span. That person got nothing.
  • Next person had a medium sized international and comparative law question. I did indeed write a little guide… after they walked away. Been looking for the patron ever since. There was a false sighting a few minutes ago–for future reference, people don’t handle the unexpected gift of highly specific knowledge that well, even in a library setting. Oops.
  • Of course, since I’m trying to hand out a physical object, I’m getting tons of great phone calls. Shout out to the folks asking about the Pitcairn Islands. (Yes, those Pitcairns.)

I only have an hour left on this shift, which is probably not enough time to redeem the day’s errors and oversights. Not to fret, I’ll be here all day Saturday (try the steak, tip your waitresses).