In two weeks, I’m attending the first of two sessions–one on resume writing, one on interviewing techniques–with the inimitable Robert Newlen, who has written not one, but two books on the matter. Well, inimitable, but Robert puts me in mind of a library Tim Gunn: calm, to the point, charming, well dressed, with a soothing voice that suggests I “make it work.”

Mount Rushmore

As any of you who have clicked on my CV know, it’s not working. I’ve gone through the first edition of Robert’s book, and I’ve got some ideas for revision, with converting to bullet points at the top of the list. But, I’m lost for words.

In part, I think I’m having a silo problem. Having been in both tech services and reference, I’ve got a broad skill set that I think of as widely applicable, but  I know other librarians will see as narrowly applicable to the task/silo at hand. I want to tailor, but I’m not sure how.

My other problem is that I’ve had, like, a million jobs. I’ve been in my current place of work for quite some time, but in several capacities, for several companies, and now for the government. It’s hard to represent temporally, without looking like a flake, and linearly, without looking unreliable. A graphic approach might be nice, but doesn’t work as well on paper as it does online (and certainly doesn’t fit in with any federal forms of employment).

Any practical advice, before I go and get practical advice?