My favorite thing about the coming new year isn’t the chance to start again, but rather the chance to look back. I love lists! (Is anyone surprised?) So, without identifying the folks who asked in any way, here are my favorite questions from the past year:

5. How many laws are there?

(Answer: Well, it depends on how you want to count them. For example, is the Constitution one law, or is it 11, or 27?)

4. Can you tell me where [incorrectly spelled and poorly used Shari’a legal term] is located in the health care bill?

(Answer: I searched for the word on THOMAS and didn’t find anything. Do you mean [this term]? If so, [here is a link to the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World] and don’t worry: that can’t happen.)

3. Can I serve in two or more local government positions at the same time in my small town without getting sued?

(Answer: Wow! Your local government website is amazing. Here are the bylaws of your town.)

2. What is the President of the United States’ phone number?

(Answer: 202-456-1111)

And by far the cutest of the year:

1. Can you tell me something that not many people know about the Bill of Rights for my school project?

(Answer: Did you know that the Third Amendment has been the subject of only one court case, ever?)

Can’t wait to see what next year brings. Happy New Year to all!