This is a picture of Ted Williams made out of toothpicks. You really can’t appreciate this homage to the Hub Kid without seeing it in person, and certainly not from a cell phone camera snap. But, you now know that toothpick Ted resides at the Ted Williams Museum and Hitters’ Hall of Fame at Tropicana Field. How valuable is this information to you with respect to your:

  • Red Sox fandom?
  • Love of folk art?
  • Upcoming trip to St. Petersburg?
  • Life beyond the Internet?

I knew in advance of my trip to the Trop that a hall of fame existed. I did not know about the Splendid Splinter in splinters. I think that not knowing made discovering toothpick Ted more rewarding. Sometimes, you just have to be there. The same may be true in a library setting. Make sure people know you have good stuff, get them in the door, but leave a surprise. Another capricious vacation post? Yes, yes indeed.