Formal education can’t teach you everything, but do you ever feel like there were some major plot holes in your library schooling? There’s much to be said for learning by experience, but a little guidance in advance never hurt in the cases of:

  • Management and human resources
  • Teaching full semester courses as an associate professor, with elbow patched tweed jackets
  • Creating digital archives
  • Wrangling big data
  • Being confident enough to go at the above tasks with no instruction, and no warning

This week at Lulu, we’re looking at self education, outside of the classroom, because all librarians must be able to do all things. We’re learning together, you and I: I’m going to compile lots of resources on each topic, and you’re going to tell me who and what I’ve left out in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter, wherever. Sound like a deal?

In the spirit of education, may I present one Mary McLeod Bethune with the promise of a post on biography as inspiration forthcoming:

Mary McLeod Bethune at the National Portrait Gallery, by