Hey, look, a selection of software books from the early-mid 2000s from a library that shall remain unnamed. Quaint, no? I’m pro print materials, but in the case of teaching yourself how to code, why not get hands on?

Learning How To Code On Your Own:

  • Codecademy: Interactive tutorials that you can complete on your own, or in tandem with friends, on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python and more
  • Code Year: a Codecadmey project that delivers a lesson every Monday, for those who like to be reminded that it’s coding time
  • Lifehacker’s Teach Yourself To Code: Helpful tips on languages and what each one can do, which compilers to use, app and add on development
  • Mozilla School of Webcraft: A range of courses and challenges using real life APIs like Twitter
  • Google Code University: Including classes for Android programming (who better to learn from?)

Learning How to Code With A Group:

  • Meetup: Searching “coding” and your location and be a-mazed. There are classes everywhere! How do I know? I tested it with my hometown, and if there are coding classes around Hampton, VA, they must be everywhere.
  • Check your local community college listings. Or, if you’re at an academic institution, it’s time to cash in those free tuition credits, no?

Coding + Girl Power

  • Girl Develop It: Based in NYC, Meetup-based classes for women who have been shy to ask about coding, and might feel more comfortable in an all/mostly female setting
  • Women Who Code: Based in San Fransisco, another woman-focused Meetup
  • Ladies Learning Code: Originally based in Toronto, with a west coast branch in Vancouver

Real Schools, Real Courses, Still Free

Are you ready? I’m most looking forward to Codecademy, but I might look for a lady coding Meetup around DC. How about you?