Did you miss me, dear readers? I missed you while I went on two back-to-back academic law library interviews in the Midwest. My Hillary-in-the-90s skirt suit and I bravely endured all day grillings, meet and greets, and gave two presentations–but alas, we did not prevail.

Hillary Red, by Meg

I have only a couple pieces of totally superficial advice re: academic interviewing, which you should take with a grain of salt as I haven’t successfully obtained an academic job from one of these interviews:

  • Don’t fear your red suit. Maybe it’s a DC thing, but it is a totally acceptable color choice, and I got lots of compliments, including one, “Oh thank goodness you’re not in a black suit.”
  • Wear flats, even if you wear heels often (like me). No one else wears heels, and it worries people when any sort of walking is involved, even if you’re fine.
  • Wear a blouse that you’re not ashamed to be seen in without your jacket. You’ll be eating lunch with folks, and it’s not a terrible idea to take your jacket off, lest you be stained for the rest of the interview if you eat like me.

Now, I am pleased to say that I will be starting work on Monday in the DC library of Latham & Watkins, a law firm on which the sun never sets. They have offices, like, everywhere. I’ve met all the staff a couple of times, everyone is super nice, and I’m excited to be getting into something a little different: private law librarianship.

When I start next Monday, my unemployment will have lasted a grand total of 61 days. Thanks to everyone who has been supportive of me, my job search, and my ample free time!