I’ve been a month and a week at my new place of employ, and I couldn’t be any happier about it. Even if you discount the free coffee, free breakfast on Fridays, swanky cubicle…

Could that be a picture of Jo and I at Medieval Times? I think it is!


My new ZZ Plant is thriving–IKEA’s finest


… charming coworkers, and exceptional boss, the actual work is fantastic. As much as I love making up yet another answer to “how many laws are there” on a Saturday afternoon, there is a certain jolt of energy that comes with answering an urgent matter from a partner, then seeing the results of your work in an important brief, or as part of a big pitch. The relevance is very rewarding. (This is, of course, not to say that the volume of laws is an irrelevant metric, but it certainly lacks immediate relevancy–and I’m shallow enough to prefer instant gratification.) I also love how often, and on what a high level, I’m able to use what I spent 3 years and boatloads of cash learning in law school. Everything’s coming together.

Why didn’t I do this sooner? I have no idea. I’ve had this conversation with another LC expat who has since moved into PLL, and we both agree that this is amazing, and we should never have been resistant to the idea of BigLaw.

Now what I need to do is work on balancing professional development, participating in association stuff, and writing with being a BigLaw librarian. My days are unpredictable, and therefore hard to schedule around. Still, I think I’m getting a better feel for the patterns of work. I feel like I’ll be able to carve out more personal professional time once I have a better understanding of the right time to make for all of that.

Other PLLs–how are you balancing this somewhat unpredictable work flow with your professional development?